A New Way to Shop For Mortgages


Have you been in the market for a home recently and have considered getting a mortgage? Perhaps you’ve thought to contact your bank, or a friend of a friend’s mortgage broker. Both are good options, but what if we told you that there’s a better and easier way to obtain a mortgage? One that puts YOU in the driver’s seat and allows you to pick which mortgage product is best for you; so that you know you’re getting the best deal? Because let’s face it, a home is likely one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life. Why not ensure you’re not overpaying? See how we’re different below:

  1. We shop over 120 banks and lenders and have access to over 22,000 mortgage products

What does this mean for you? The banks can only give you their best rate. Mortgage brokers usually only work with select lenders. Both options mean that you’re limiting your mortgage choices. With Ownest, you have access over 120 different lenders, including major banks, with over 22,000 mortgage products. The best part is, YOU get to choose which product is right for you, eliminating someone else making that decision for you. It even shows you how much of a savings you’ll get over the term. Think of us like an Expedia for mortgages. Shop for a mortgage like you would a flight or hotel.

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  1. We continually shop for a better rate for you

When is the last time your bank called you to tell you that you are paying too much on your loan? Or your cell provider telling you that there is a way better plan that will save you hundreds of dollars? We’re going to go with never.

That is how Ownest is different. We monitor your mortgage monthly (without any sort of hit on your credit) to check if there is a better deal out there that can save you money. Thanks to our mortgage monitoring, we have saved our clients thousands of dollars. Best part is, only our proprietary software does this for you automatically! No one else in the game can say the same.

  1. We don’t turn you away if you don’t qualify right away

If our software doesn’t approve you right away, our team of mortgage experts reviews your application and will evaluate your unique situation against our mortgage product options. Many times, Ownest Financial has creatively gotten clients approved for mortgages as we truly want to help you in your path to homeownership. If you still do not qualify for a mortgage, our software will continue to run your application monthly against mortgage offerings in our system and will notify you when your mortgage qualification changes.

Your mortgage qualification can change if mortgage rates go down or if lenders change qualifying criteria for their mortgage product. This is all done virtually so there is no credit hit associated with this process!

To learn more about how Ownest saves you time and money, contact us. In the meantime, why not apply for a mortgage today to see how much you pre-qualify for!

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