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To our valued partners During this challenging and unprecedented time brought on by Covid-19, we want to reach out to assure you that we are continuing to operate and manage our business online. While taking precautionary measures to protect our employees, customers and the community. We are open for business throughout this crisis. We will continue to strive to ...


Physical Distancing

As we evolve with our world, living under the burden of COVID-19 has created a sense of unease for all of us. We get new information daily that is being constantly updated and thrown our way. As we absorb and contemplate what our new realities are bringing, a sense of apprehension is perfectly normal, when ...

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All About Mortgages During COVID-19

All About Mortgages During COVID-19 Most times we live our lives only to look back and realize that we lived through a historic moment. This is not one of those times, from the beginning of the Covid-19 virus crisis, every development has been unprecedented.  As a result, many fears have been brought to our doorsteps. ...

Buyers' ResourcesCOVID-19