Physical Distancing

As we evolve with our world, living under the burden of COVID-19 has created a sense of unease for all of us. We get new information daily that is being constantly updated and thrown our way. As we absorb and contemplate what our new realities are bringing, a sense of apprehension is perfectly normal, when it feels like the sky is falling down on our heads.

To help keep some sort of normalcy in a world turned upside down, we at Ownest want to do what we can and right now the most important thing we can do is effectively communicate with you, and let you know that we are here to support however we can. It’s hard to know exactly how to provide effective help when practising the new reality of physical distancing, but we want to make sure that anything we do give has a realistic and practical impact on your business needs.

Being a new company we rely on relationships with our partners as an avenue to lasting success, and as a result we want to foster a dialogue that enables us all to succeed and achieve more. So how are we going to do that during such a thing in such uncertain times?

The first thing to keep in mind is that clients are panicking because there is a lack of concrete information on so many things, as we are trying to process all the information and overcome the disruption of life. That’s why one of the most important things you can do is reach out and just let them be heard, let them know they still have support in their corner from someone who is understanding and sympathetic to their changing needs. 

Next is to be the one pointing at the positive light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, that can seem to be a monumental task, but keeping eyes on the light will help people to remember that this whole mess will end, and that when it does they have the support to overcome it. By being in the moment with your clients and showing compassion, their worry can be balanced giving them the best opportunity to stay optimistic for the long haul.

The following might seem one of the more obvious things we will talk about, but it is actually one of the most important. Remember that when trying to focus on the light out, that you also need to keep things in check, by keeping things real. It can be easy to get in the trap of only telling good things and down playing the realities to keep a rosy disposition, but that won’t help anyone. It’s vital to remain compassionate while dealing with clients, but tell them about the realities and don’t overly sugar coat it; just keep it transparent and truthful, honesty and openness is the best policy in uncertain times.

Each and everyone of us has had to drastically change our lives, giving us new daily struggles, but keep in mind we are all in this together. Because of this we all are sharing a common experience, which means that we can connect as individuals in ways that create bonds, beyond just the surface, for a lasting impression. Use this to deepen your personal connections with clients, so they can develop into something tangible. Keeping your communications based on meaningful interaction reinforces our networks and builds a focus on  human to human experiences, regardless of the distance between us.

Being flexible during these turbulent times is one of the biggest challenges we have to face. With things in a constant flux of change and every week since this has started seems to be accelerating faster and faster. We need to be vigilant and realize that at any moment we can make a difference to anyone and everyone. This could be something small or of great importance, but regardless of what is thrown at us, we all need to be ready to respond and help however we can. 

Using the above information might not translate into you breaking sales records during these stressful times, but what it will do is build loyalty for clients. A client will remember you were there during a hard time and build credibility and trust. Clients will see that you are someone who will show up for them, even when times are tough. These little things can make a real difference in the mind of a client, because they know you are adaptable and able to handle the stress of a changing situation. This will further establish faith and confidence between you and a client. They can feel comfortable being vulnerable, giving you the opportunity to become a valuable source of advice that is dependable.

Rarely has anyone faced a crisis like this on such a massive scale, so now is a time for defining who we are as individuals, as a community, and as a nation. We at Ownest believe that the best way to move forward is to communicate effectively with each other and empathize with one another, so we can capture the essence of what it means to be human beings, even at the most difficult of times.  


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